Thematic Areas

12 key thematic areas have been identified under and across the two pillars: City of the Future and Future of Health. These thematic areas have been validated by the Innovation Alliance Founders.

Agrifood tech & Wellbeing

Innovation for healthy and sustainable foods.

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Construction tech

New materials and holistic approaches to buildings' design and construction.

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Design, Fashion & Culture Tech

New solutions to empower the city of the future through design, fashion & culture.


Reduce the carbon footprint by delivering marketable low-carbon hybrid energy solutions.

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Digital finance to empower the city of the future.

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Greentech & Circular Economy

Technology and innovation to reduce human negative environmental impacts.

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Life sciences & Healthcare

Working together for healthier and longer people lives.

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Mobility & Logistics

Sustainability and decarbonisation of products and passengers transport.

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Proptech & Smart Spaces

Smart cities need smart buildings.

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Retail tech

A new and integrated shopping experience answering customers new needs.

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Security & Defence

An integrated and advanced security system for the city of the future.

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Urban Digital tech

Better sensing cities&citizens, while preserving privacy and security.

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