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Federated Innovation @MIND is a vibrant innovation ecosystem linked to the MIND district and open to the world, representing a unique excellence at the European level, where innovation happens thanks to cooperation among different private and public players (large corps, startups, talents; RDI, universities, institutions) with the aim to develop, prototype, test and scale-up comprehensive solutions for the City of the Future and the Future of Health. 
The network aims at making innovation happen , working together among different actors to give light to new ideas capable of accelerating the transition of cities and districts toward higher levels of intelligence, sustainability and wellbeing and to building smart, sustainable and resilient health systems, improving health prevention and promotion. 
As an Ecosystem, Federated Innovation @MIND is open to the world.

Discover below the partnerships and sponsorships opportunities within the network and join us on the innovation path!


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Official Sponsor Greentech & Circular Economy

Official Sponsor Life Sciences & Healthcare

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Ecosystem Partner

Ecosystem Partner

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