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Security and Defence thematic area is focusing on new paradigms for having higher level of security, with the final aim to be effective, but with minimal impact on the user experience.


"Italian company world leader in Electronic Warfare."  

Forte Secur Group

“Forte Secur Group is a group of companies, belonging to the Forte Family, that has been dealing with corporate security since 2005.”   

Sicuritalia Group Service

“Sicuritalia is the leading Company in Italy of the Security Sector, for size, rate of growth, economic and financial indicators. The Group works closely with the most important companies in Industry, Banking, Commercial and Public Administration, offering a range of integrated services for Security and Facility Management.”   

Innovation Agenda

"Current solution for command and control are geographically distributed and fragmented, with lack of interoperability.

Moreover a lot of “man power” is required to analyze and monitor real time information such as video flows. 

As a further drawback, results highly dependent on operator skills, level of attention, and other un-predictable and time-changing factors. False alarm and undetected events could also represent an issue.

The security of the city of the future shall be much more integrated, automatic and robust.

As for recent trends in different sectors (e.g. automotive), AI based fully autonomous system will be pervasive in the near future, both in smart cities as well as in public and private infrastructures.

We aim to change the paradigm of the command and control of the smart cities and discricts increasing functions and level of integration of centralized control room."

Goffredo Foglia

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.“

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