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Information empowers a new digital experience in connected cities. Fintech plays a crucial role, allowing for secure and seamless, user-centric transactions. Digital finance is the key to enable businesses, citizens, and service providers to interact positively.


"Fabrick is the open ecosystem created to promote Open Finance by facilitating the development of innovative digital services, based on the logic of Open Banking. Its goal is to drive the evolution of the entire financial sector: the company, in fact, enables collaboration between different players to co-create solutions that meet the increasingly evolving needs of end users." 

Margherita Carusi

“Nowadays Fintech solutions represent one of the main drivers through which generate impact both in companies and society: they allow us to respond quickly to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and data we have access to. Fintech is a new way of looking to the future and the revolution has just begun.“

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