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Food supply chains are the backbone of economic and human wellbeing. Population increase, climate change and the ageing of societies will stress the ecological boundary of Earth. Thus, producing more with less should go together with eating better and healthier food.


“A leading omni-channel retailer in the Italian grocery industry since 1957, Esselunga operates over 170 superstores and supermarkets in Northern and Central Italy and a growing eCommerce business since 2001. All shops are supplied from its production and distribution centers. Producer as well as retailer, the company constantly works towards product & service innovation and is dedicated to offering high-quality, responsibly sourced food, combined with the highest quality of service at the most competitive prices.”    

Innovation  Agenda

Climate change, sustainability, audience changes, and tech diffusion create opportunities and the following strategic objectives in each focus area. Exploring innovative infrastructures (precision agriculture, resilient farming) able to retrofit farming processes while incrementing production, quality, and sustainability, exploiting data analytics. Developing research for open-source plant-based proteins with sustainable rights of exploitation, as well as for indoor farming, super-functional foods' production models, and for a home kit to personalize food by using IoT potential. Building CO2 circular compensational models and introducing sustainable industrial processes in food production, focusing on food proprieties enhancement processes. Experimenting with food and health service integration for a unique wellbeing platform, possibly linked to IoT (wearables, smart homes).

Sara Roversi

“Food is life. energy and nourishment. The great challenge of our era is to succeed in protecting our planet, by feeding humans in a healthy way and by taking care of the ecosystem that is hosting us.“

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