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70% of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for accelerating climate change, are linked to energy. The energy sector is undergoing a fundamental transition for a sustainable energy future that is renewable, available to all and consumed more efficiently.


"We are an integrated energy company whose dedication to the energy transition translates into tangible actions aimed at achieving the total decarbonization of products and processes by 2050."  

E.ON Italia

"E.ON is one of the largest privately-held energy operators in the world, the first major energy group to have left the traditional energy generation activities to focus entirely on the new world of energy: delocalized, sustainable, digital."  

Innovation  Agenda

The energy sector, with its high level of GHG emissions, can be the first to lead the transition to a more sustainable and aware future. Low temperature networks and Hydrogen are the leverages to bet on. Hydrogen might be the energy vector to stabilize energy storing and to offset the renewables limits, together with blue /green ammonia application. The combination of the technology maturity for large scale initiatives, public-private investments, the integration of potential users and a solid supply chain would lower the CAPEX and bring the demand to fullness. Low temperature networks demand is ongoing, especially in brand new-urban areas, while existing infrastructures have to be reconverted and digitized to be technologically ready for the waste energy recovery. The dedicated regulatory frameworks have not yet been defined or is still not aligned with these perspectives.

Maurizio Coratella

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.“

~ William Arthur Ward

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