Brief Description
We are an integrated energy company whose dedication to the energy transition translates into tangible actions aimed at achieving the total decarbonization of products and processes by 2050.
Company Overview
We are a global energy company, active at every stage of the value chain: from natural gas and oil to co-generated electricity and renewables, including both traditional and bio refining and chemicals. We operate at all levels of the market, right down to the end user. By 2050, all our products and processes will be fully decarbonized, thanks in part to CO₂ capture and storage initiatives as well as forest conservation projects.
Why Federated Innovation?
Federated Innovation is a powerful leverage to foster our open innovation strategy: scouting new solutions to speed up in energy transition path, attracting new talents and engaging with multiple ecosystems.
Thematic Areas
Greentech & Circular Economy
Company Location
Milano, Italy
Supporting Material
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Founder Member