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E.ON is one of the largest privately-held energy operators in the world, the first major energy group to have left the traditional energy generation activities to focus entirely on the new world of energy: delocalized, sustainable, digital.
Company Overview
The E.ON Group (with parent company E.ON SE based in Essen, Germany) is one of the world's leading privately held energy operators, with over 75,000 employees and a global presence through operating units in several European countries: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. The E.ON Group has joined the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; the E.ON SE board of directors has committed itself to the 17 Development Goals which aim to solve problems concerning climate change. The E.ON group is focused on two strategic markets, Energy Networks and Customer Solutions: the activity relating to Energy Networks is focused on the transformation of electricity grids into the smart grids of the future; the Customer Solutions business focuses, in addition to the sale of energy and gas, on new sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial customers, cities and municipalities, as well as for residential customers. As part of Customer Solutions, E.ON offers long-term sustainable energy solutions, in the field of distributed energy and energy efficiency interventions - with full service business models according to the B.O.O.T. (build, own, operate and transfer), including the development, design, construction and related financing, management and maintenance of energy plants.
Why Federated Innovation?
E.ON Group's mission is focused on creating a better place and a better tomorrow, raising living conditions in urban areas together with a more sustainable environment, leveraging an essential component of everyone's life: Energy. The mega-trend of urbanization entails greater responsibility for all the companies of the E.ON Group in creating solutions that allow our customers the best use of energy resources, building economic value through improvements in social value. Federated Innovation @MIND represents a virtuous context for EON to develop innovative energy solutions at the service of the City of the Future.
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Milano, Italy
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