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TIM, Cisco, Noovle, Olivetti
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An urban intelligence layer for MIND to enable multi-level data analysis, decision-making and services, in collaboration with other partners
Initiative Description

The MIND District Intelligence Platform provides a multi-level analysis and processing system, for the collection/aggregation/management/analysis of data/informative contents, to provide an advanced tool for decision-making at a district level and for selected verticals and services.

By the implementation of the District Intelligence Platform, the project aims at realizing a paradigm shift, towards the sustainable development of a Smart District, allowing a strategic and organic vision of the MIND urban fabric.

From the data point of view, the solution ensures the integrated collection of existing data, the creation of new datasets, the access to open data / third parties’ data. The platform goes beyond single vertical domains and builds an “urban intelligence layer” where data, information, processes are shared. It enables access to the information needed to the control, decision support, automation activities and thus to increase the performance and quality of district services in the light of efficiency, sustainability, wellness, productivity.

The edge cloud deployment of the platform combined with the use of 5G solutions represents the adoption of cutting-edge technologies: a future-proof approach to take advantage of best-in-class latency performances, local processing, data security and privacy.


The objective of the project is to implement in the MIND district the District Intelligence Platform as the common information layer for multiple applications and services. A first set of data use-cases will be developed by the project partners, while future services and data integrations can be proposed by other Thematic Area partners interested in adding their data and developing further aggregated data analytics.

This objective will be reached by a progressive approach:

  • A preliminary dissemination of the project initiative, to gather initial consensus on the initiative and to fine tune the overall approach on the basis of the contributions collected.
  • A sample version of the platform will be released by 2022 to allow initial use cases and Proof of Concepts to be demonstrated.

Information will be processed using the latest analytics and artificial intelligence methodologies and managed in compliance with the most stringent privacy and security requirements.

Expected Benefit

The adoption of the TIM District Intelligence platform will grant benefits in terms of knowledge, modeling, prediction, simulation to all main stakeholders (district managers and planners, companies located in MIND, users and inhabitants) with the goal of improving sustainability, security, mobility and urban wellbeing.


1) Requirements collection, models configuration and setup, and on field testing in Q3 2022

2) Subsequent steps of the roadmap to be fine-tuned in Q4 2022.

Needs & Output Tools

The project will make use of:

  • TIM Urban Intelligence platform
  • Edge cloud solution
  • Telco operator Big Data
  • Cisco Wi-Fi Network
  • IoT Sensor Networks
  • Mobility data sources

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