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Marketplace for a regulated Certified Data Flows exchange enabling win-win scenarios

The Data Exchange Marketplace (DXM) is the communication and collaboration digital space where players can share and satisfy their business needs in terms of high-quality data.

Each innovation player can unlock additional business value from its own digital assets, sharing in a safe and regulated way its own candidate Data Flows within the DXM. The candidate Data Flows are validated and then published as Certified Data Flows (CDF) within the DXM.

Each innovation player can browse the CDF catalogue and ask for the CDFs of interest, in order to use them into its own innovative solutions. In this way the DXM enables business digital relationships between the players who share CDFs and the players who ask for them.


The DXM will be based on Cefriel's multi-years experience and consolidated framework and technology in creating Data Exchange Digital Ecosystems.


Every Federated Innovation Member could join as Early Adopter participant the DXM. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Partners and stakeholders involved in the project

Lendlease and interested Early Adopters.

How the project contributes to building a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society

The project enables data sovereignty: every player can unlock additional business value from own digital assets without losing control of own data.

The DXM approach fosters innovation and re-use of digital assets.

Data Exchange enables transparency and processes optimization forstering sustainability.

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    MIND Data Exchange Marketplace - DXM.pdf

    2021-12-23 16:57:03


It could be great for your innovation initiative to unlock from the beginning value coming from Data eXchange: you can start answering the following requests, but you can even schedule a Precision Data Sharing Session with the Ecosystem Catalyst and the Data eXchange Team, to understand better all the data driven business opportunities.