Brief Description
Fabrick is a European pioneer in Open Finance. Headquartered in Milan and with offices in London, Madrid, Zurich and Dubai, it operates internationally to enable innovative services in Open Finance by supporting the collaboration of fintechs, businesses and financial institutions. Our technological platform and ecosystem of relationships enable the development of new business models in finance, fostering growth and opportunities for all participants and delivering the concrete advantages of innovation. Fabrick has obtained authorisation from the Bank of Italy to operate as a Payment Institution (PI) and also is licensed for operating as Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Information Service Provider (PISP), all of which are offered within the ecosystem through a "license as a service” model.
Company Overview
Fabrick is the open ecosystem created to promote Open Finance by facilitating the development of innovative digital services, based on the logic of Open Banking. Its goal is to drive the evolution of the entire financial sector: the company, in fact, enables collaboration between different players to co-create solutions that meet the increasingly evolving needs of end users. Founded in June 2018 due to having foreseen well in advance the advantages that the technological and regulatory revolution could have brought to all the actors of the system, Fabrick supports its clients - banks, institutions, fintechs, large corporations, SMEs, top merchants and startups operating in any sector - in the development of Open Banking and Open Payments projects and by providing consulting. The company, which also operates internationally, enables new business models through an open, modular and data driven platform approach. Fabrick's strengths and core are the important ecosystem developed that includes highly innovative companies such as HYPE, Axerve Dpixel, Codd&Date, Fintech District and its community of 180 fintech companies and 16 corporate members, and the technology platform that aggregates, integrates and coordinates an increasing number of APIs and services developed by different companies, allowing customers and partners to access the highest level of innovation available on the market with a rapid time-to-market for the launch of new solutions. On these elements and on the core banking of Centrico, international open provider of ICT solutions, Fabrick has built an articulated offer of highly modular solutions, ranging from PSD2 compliance for banks to value-added services realized through the integration of the offer of third parties who have chosen to publish their APIs (Application Program Interface) on the Open Finance platform. To date there are 15 integrated producers, including Moneyfarm, Soisy, Smartika, Lokky, PayDo.
Why Federated Innovation?
Fabrick has decided to join Federated Innovation @MIND because, on the one hand, it wants to make available to the Federated Innovation its vertical know-how on Fintech and its platform of Open Finance to enable innovative projects of digitization of the city of the future, and on the other hand it wants to grow the Fintech ecosystem that has been built in recent years, promoting the exchange and relationships with institutions, universities, investors and international realities.
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Milan, Italy
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