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Players proposing the challenge
SYNLAB - Member of the thematic area Life Science & Healthcare
Brief Description
i-Days promote health innovation among university students through a three-day programme that will be held at MIND- Milan Innovation District on the 2-3-4 of November

SYNLAB is Europe's leading provider of healthcare laboratory diagnostics services and it currently operates in 36 countries and 4 continents.

This event follows a prestigious call for proposals, which saw SYNLAB's project as one of the 23 selected proposals from across Europe, published by the EIT Health. EIT Health was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is made up of various KICs who each focus on a different sector, or area, of innovation – in our case, that is health and aging. The idea behind the EIT KICs is that innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise.

i-Days promote health innovation among university students through dozens of one-day and two-day programmes held in academic institutions around Europe. Students from all academic areas receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and compete in teams to tackle real-life health challenges posed by EIT Health, local organisations, private corporations or start-ups. The winning team of each i-Day will attend the Winners’ Event, a final competition that unites students from around Europe.

The conduct of the hackathon includes three phases spanning as many days.

During the first day, students from all academic backgrounds will receive an introduction to the predominant evolutionary trends in digital innovation as well as practical examples of health innovation tools that have revolutionized the healthcare sector in recent years.

Once heterogeneous and multi-functional teams are created, applicants will be expected to propose innovative solutions in response to the emerging needs of the healthcare ecosystem in terms of healthcare data exploitation and value creation.

Within the event theme (“The culture of extracting value from data”), applicants will have the opportunity to try their hand at one of the two challenges selected by SYNLAB and eitHealth:


Imagine how to improve people's lifestyles and well-being, how to prevent the onset of diseases and disorders, how to diagnose diseases in a  timely   manner and prescribe the best treatment pathways, and how to streamline the patient experience within healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, analytical laboratories) and in the outpatient setting; all this leveraging multiple datasets and information (including non-health care databases).


 Propose your idea on how to facilitate the collection, analysis, and interpretation of health informations through the use of new technologies (e.g., Immersive Experience, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, etc.). Try to think about how accessibility to the health system can be improved through the use of data to enable more digital and technologically advanced experiences.

Throughout the creative process, each team will be supported by dedicated design thinking tutors and mentors so that it is able to concretely develop its idea and submit it by the deadline: 09.59 PM of the second day.

On the third day, therefore, after the speeches of institutional representatives, each proposal will be evaluated by a board composed of prominent senior professionals. As the event is organised at a international level, the winning team of each national i-Day will attend the Winners’ Event, a final competition that unites and links students from around Europe.

As stated in the rules, each member of the winning team will win a prize of 500 euros to finance the trip to the country where the final event will be held.

In addition, for candidates who prove to be particularly deserving in the eyes of the participating companies, regardless of whether they are part of the winning team or not, the possibility of being selected for possible Interships or company theses may arise.

In this sense, the purpose of the challenge aims to promote the culture of innovation in the Healthcare ecosystem and provide a valuable training opportunity for the bright students involved.

Moreover, the event will represent a significant pratical training not only on idea incubation approches, but also on design thinking techniques.


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i-Days EIT Health | The culture of extracting value from data
Challenge Timeline

The entire hackathon will start on November 2, 2022 02.00 PM and will end on November 4, 2022 02.00 PM.

icon-gc80fcf0f7_640.png DAY 1 

The first day will open with a series of introductory speeches aimed at introducing the event and, at the same time, offering participants a contextual view of the main digital trends in the healthcare sector.

Specifically, the speech programme, starting at 02.30 PM will be structured as follows:

  • Andrea Teja - Head of Digital Innovation and Transformation, SYNLAB Italia - Welcome and introduction;
  • Chiara Maiorino - Ecosystem Lead for Italy, eit Health - Institutional greetings;
  • Cristina Pozzi - Co-founder & CEO, Treccani Futura - Welcome to 2050;
  • Marco Siciliano - Partner, Accenture - Ownership, use, treatment, management: everything you always wanted to know about data;
  • Emiliano Sergio Verga - Digital Ecosystem Manager, Cefriel - Data merketplace & predictive systems: cooking through data analysis;
  • Uljan Sharka - Founder & CEO, iGenius - How to make every decision data-driven: Crystal’s story, the virtual colleague that advises managers through business data;
  • Angelo Postiglione - Solutions Architect, Amazon AWS - Unlock the value of healthcare data with Amazon AWS;
  • Chris Anagnostopoulos - Associate Partner, McKinsey&Company - Top trends in Big Data for 2022 and beyond;
  • Enrico Noseda, Chief Innovation Advisor, Cariplo Factory - Design Thinking methodology.

At 5.00 PM the final division of the partecipants into working teams will be defined.

From 6.00 PM teams can finally start developing their ideas with the support of dedicated mentors and tutors.

phpb3A9pU_2bce.png DAY 2

Nov 3 will be entirely dedicated to the development of the ideas that have to be submitted by 09:59 PM of the same day.

phpFDYXcr_cb8b.png DAY 3

On the third day, a second round of speeches will take place from 9.00 to 10.30 AM according to the following agenda:

  • Giovanni Gianolli – CEO, SYNLAB Italia;
  • Maurizio Ferrari – CMO, SYNLAB Italia;
  • Walter Ricciardi - Scientific Committee Chairman, Human Technopole;
  • Giovanna Iannantuoni – Rector, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca;
  • Maria Cristina Messa – già Ministra, Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca;
  • Tommaso Boralevi - President, Federated Innovation @MIND.

From 10.30 AM to 01.00 PM each team will have a time slot to present their idea to the board that will express its voting by 01:30 PM.

The event concludes with a final lunch.


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Challenge Rules

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