Brief Description
Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy, and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and payment services sector. 
Company Overview
With its 159-year history, a network of more than 12,700 post offices, a workforce of 125 thousand, total financial assets of €572 billion and 35 million customers, Poste Italiane is an integral part of Italy’s economic, social and productive fabric, occupying an unparalleled position in the country in terms of size, recognisability, reach and customer loyalty.
Why Federated Innovation?
Contribute to face, learn, compare and update all the main lines of innovation, anticipating the mega emerging technological trends and new scenarios, as well as identifying future innovation needs. A laboratory of incubation, prototyping and experimentation of technologically advanced solutions (products/services) aimed at their industrialization. Development and implementation of cross-tech ideas favoring the contamination between the different actors who will have an interest to collaborate within the Logistics and Mobility thematic area.
Thematic Areas
Mobility & Logistics
Company Location
Roma, Italy
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