Brief Description
Valore Italia is an international training and research center for the restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage. The beating heart is the Botticino School of Restoration, one of the top schools for restoration at a national level.
Company Overview
Valore Italia is a dynamic and interdisciplinary, innovative and experimental place where it is possibile to study new methodologies to be applied to the restoration, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, useful for training future restorers and experts who will have to take on this task.
Why Federated Innovation?
Technological Innovation for restoration makes possibile to save the artistic and cultural heritage by delaying its deterioration, reducing the levels of effort and maximizing the resistance of the asset. These activities, supported by Valore Italia, are perfectly aligned with Federated Innovation’s mission for technological innovation.
Thematic Areas
Urban Digital Tech
Company Location
MIND - Milano Innovation District, Italy
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