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Federated Innovation @MIND Networking Event
Event Brief
An occasion to foster cross-pollination, collaboration and innovation inspired by a story from the "Companies Talks"
Event Date
13/06/2024 17:00 - 20:00
Event Type
Cocktail & Networking
Village Pavilion, viale Decumano , Milano, Italy
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Federated Innovation @MIND Networking Event

Event Description

Event Description

The event dedicated to connections and collaboration comes back forth, bringing together the ecosystem of Federated Innovation in one place with the aim of fostering the creation and development of innovative initiatives.

To inspire conversations about innovation, this edition will open with a performance by "Companies Talks", a Business Entertainment format dedicated to exploring the best stories of open innovation.

On the stage of the Pitch Arena at MIND, within the MIND Village Pavilion, the story of WhatsApp will be featured.

Two guys in search of innovative ways to handle old troubles. Troubles that are common to everyone. Because, as usual, the success of an idea is directly proportional to the number of "Finally!" moments it resolves. A success that emerges from a labyrinth of emigration, economic and family tragedies, professional frustrations, technological insights, and relentless determination. A success born from the desire to reduce costs and distances to connect friends and family, which "will not stop until everyone, everywhere, has this opportunity."

Watch the trailer here!

The show will be followed by a vision exchange debate and a networking aperitif.

Please send an email to if you need more details. 


17.00 - 17.15 | Registration & Welcome

17.15 - 18.30 | Performance "The WhatsApp Story" with

    Interpreter: Camillo Ciorciaro

    Trumpet: Luca Iaboni

    Texts: Tiziana Ragni

18.30 - 18.45 | Innovation Talks, a debriefing session on the performance key points

19.00 - 20-00 | Networking Aperitif

Cross thematic area
Cross Thematic Area