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Players proposing the challenge
ABB Schindler LendLease Wurth Italia
Brief Description
The "BuildingSmart" initiative seeks innovative solutions for smart, sustainable buildings, aiming to prototype in Milan's Innovation District with collaborative corporate support.

We invite all innovative startups and service providers to participate in our "Call for PropTech solutions". The "BuildingSmart" project, developed by ABB, Lendlease, Schindler and Würth Italia in collaboration with Cariplo Factory and Federated Innovation @MIND, seeks innovative solutions within the scope of open innovation. 

4 projects will be selected and invited to a co-design day with the corporates sponsoring the project in order to identify and develop potential synergies. Our goal is to develop a Proof of Concept (POC) at the MIND-Milan Innovation District spaces. To achieve this, the sponsoring companies will provide some of their assets, including APIs, remote control tools, and where useful, technical support staff.


This call is intended for innovative solutions that promote the creation of smart and sustainable buildings with a special focus on adaptive user experience, ethical data sharing, and optimization of facility management. Practical building elements include IoT, measurement systems, home automation, predictive maintenance, and solutions for indoor comfort and navigation.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Implementation of intelligent energy networks (smart grid) for efficient energy management and the promotion of energy communities.
  • High-granularity measurement systems shared via blockchain and the use of smart contracts to encourage ethical data sharing within energy communities.

Comfort and User Experience

  • Applications for energy management allow users to control systems touchlessly and provide feedback on space occupancy.
  • Interactive digital signage systems and augmented reality building maps facilitate building navigation.
  • Smart elevators and digital credentialing systems that provide a staffless welcome experience, ensuring the safety and efficiency of internal movements.

Facility Management and Security

  • IoT sensors for space monitoring and building use optimization.
  • Implementation of automatic or semi-automatic logics for load control and the promotion of virtuous consumer behaviors.
  • Systems for monitoring the status of the electrical distribution network and control devices for predictive maintenance and safety.

Small and medium-sized connected home solutions

  • Solutions to make small installations smart.
  • Wireless and battery-less solutions for small installations.
  • Solutions promoting assisted living in buildings.
  • Solutions for predictive maintenance in small and medium-sized buildings.
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Call for PropTech Solutions - BuildingSMART
Challenge Timeline

LAUNCH | 3 Oct - 17 Nov

Collection of all the applications made by innovative organizations through the Federated Innovation platform.


Following the collection phase, a review process will be undertaken to identify the top 10 most compelling projects. These selected projects will then be evaluated and assessed by the Evaluation Committee.


During this phase, 4 projects from the initial selection of 10 will be carefully chosen and extended invitations to participate in the Co-design day, which will be the project's final event.


The aim of this phase is to provide guidance and assistance to the chosen projects leading up to the Co-design day. To achieve this, two meetings with Cariplo Factory experts will be arranged. These meetings will serve to further develop the selected projects and craft an initial draft of the pitch deck, which will be presented during the Hackathon.


The final event of the project will provide selected solutions with the opportunity to showcase their innovations to an audience comprising representatives from the project's sponsoring companies. This event aims to explore potential synergies and collaborations with these companies.

The outcome of this project will facilitate the exploration of potential Proof of Concept (PoC) discussions between the selected solutions and project partners within the MIND sector.

Challenge Rules

Eligibility: The challenge is open to all startups, tech companies, and individual innovators globally. Employees of ABB, Lendlease, Schindler and Würth Italia, Cariplo Factory, and Federated Innovation @MIND and their immediate families are not eligible.

Entry Period: Submissions will be accepted from 3/10/2023 to 17/11/2023.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All solutions must be original and not infringe on any copyrights or patents.
  • Submissions should include a detailed proposal, proof of concept, and any necessary visual aids or prototypes.

Usage Rights: By participating, entrants grant ABB, Lendlease, Schindler and Würth Italia, Cariplo Factory, and Federated Innovation @MIND the rights to use, modify, and disseminate the submitted solutions for any purpose without any compensation.

Disqualification: Any submissions found to be plagiarized, not meeting the guidelines, or submitted after the entry period will be disqualified.

Data Protection: All personal data submitted will be handled in strict accordance with data protection regulations.

Amendments: The organizers reserve the right to modify the rules, dates, or guidelines of the challenge at any given time.

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Privacy policy
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