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Brief Description
The next FinTech generation will be increasingly led by B2B providers. Fabrick is looking for disruptive solutions aiming at reshaping the Fintech B2B landscape.
Whereas the dawn of FinTech era was strongly focused on B2C applications, B2B Fintech has been gaining attention and the next wave will be increasingly led by B2B providers. Fabrick aims at developing its network, researching the best European startups to join the ecosystem in one or more of the following key areas:

  • Invoice management & Account Payable
  • Payments
  • Lending
  • Prospect & Client data analysis
  • Vertical SaaS solutions (e.g. on hospitality, wellness)
  • Digitization of Sales & Procurement processes

The most distruptive startups will get the chance to partner with Fabrick Platform and to showcase their services/APIs on our platform. Furthermore, they will get the opportunity to enter Fintech District community and develop Open Innovation projects with Fintech District partners.


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B2B FinTech for Future
Challenge Timeline
01/08 – Challenge launch: initiative publication on MIND platform and opening of the application
16/10 – Application closing: last day to submit applications
17/10 – Applications screening and evaluating: a fintech expert panel will carefully analyze the application and select the most promising ones
7/11 – Top solutions: communication of the top solutions selected and scheduling of deep dive session with the teams
•End November – Challenge closing: start-up(s) award
Challenge Rules

Are you a European B2B or B2B2C Fintech startup with a disruptive product or solution? 

We are looking for you then!

The call is open to startups of each stage (Pre-Seed, Seed, Early Stage, Early Growth, Growth) and each maturity level (Prototype, MVP, Ready to Market, Product on the Market)

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