Brief Description
Daikin is a leading global HVAC manufacturer and service provider which people and space are healthier and more comfortable while reducing the environmental impact.
Company Overview
Daikin is a global HVAC manufacturer operating in more than 150 countries. In our businesses of air conditioning and fluorochemicals, we respond to the needs that arise from the diverse cultures and values of the world’s countries and regions by providing products that make people and space healthier and more comfortable. Leveraging our unique cutting-edge technology, we deliver outstanding products and system solutions to ensure comfortable and sustainable living environments for all people and regions of the world.
Why Federated Innovation?
Within the paradigm of the smart-building/smart city, Daikin intends to identify requirements for potential business models by implementing jointly projects with Federated Innovation Network members, and explore different concepts and rapid prototyping benefitting from MIND resources and possibility to test on the premises.
Thematic Areas
Proptech & Smart Spaces
Company Location
Osaka, Japan
Supporting Material
Member Type
Founder Member