Brief Description
Sapio, the 100th years company, has been active in the healthcare sector since 1989, with services and technologies for homecare, hospitals and research. Highly specialized professionals work in Italy and Europe to create a sustainable healthcare system for the future.
Company Overview
Every day at Sapio Group we are committed with passion, expertise and resources to offering innovative services that improve the quality of life. Through a network of integrated companies that work together in synergy, Sapio Life offers a complete care, support and monitoring ecosystem to national healthcare systems. Sapio Life supports patients and their families with an integrated and highly specialised homecare offer, enabling the continuity between hospital and home. Life Cure is specialised in home nursing, rehabilitation, psychological and educational support for chronically ill and fragile people who are not self-sufficient. BioRep is the first biological resources centre that can provide public and private research institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, with lab, transport, processing, cryoconservation and distribution services for managing biological samples. In AdvicePharma we work to innovate CRO services and leverage the latest technologies to develop digital therapeutics. All together we are today’s creators of a better tomorrow for our society and for the environment.
Why Federated Innovation?
Sapio’s purpose is to improve people's quality of life, to help create the most sustainable healthcare system of the future, to improve the environment we live in and support the advancement of our society. Federated Innovation is an innovation ecosystem where ideas, know-how, methodology and technology are combined to find relevant solutions and execute them to create value to all healthcare stakeholders.
Thematic Areas
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Company Location
Monza, Italy
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