Brief Description
First vertical district in Italy in the Life Science industry able to select, certify and develop the best startups in Biotech, med-tech, services and Digital Health sectors.
Company Overview
Life Science District is an italian initiative focused on startup development in the Life Science industry with a specific focus on Biotech and Digital Health Catalyst of the desire for innovation of corporations in the pharmaceutical / insurance / public and banking world to foster the best possible level of collaboration with the startup ecosystem Consultancy for research and TT actors, investors, startups and corporations on the issues of open innovation, innovative ecosystem building, business integration and technology transfer.
Why Federated Innovation?
Federated Innovation @MIND represents for us a unique opportunity to expand the reference network and bring value to the country system by collaborating with public and private entities.
Thematic Areas
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Company Location
Milano, Italy
Supporting Material
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Founder Member